Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I've been told by people in the past that I write well.  Generally, when one hears this sort of thing they either go one of two ways:
1) Accept the praise, continue writing and assume that because you are an excellent writer (you've got proof!), and believe that every word you put down on paper is pure gold.  There's no shortage of writers like this, a quick google search is all you need to find plety of sub-par bloggers filled with page after page of poor writing with zero-substance.
2) Minimize the praise, continue writing and continue making an honest effort to make your work better.  That is my intention at least in part with this blog.  I've got lots of thoughts, some original, some completely asinine, some are just internal commentaries on other's work.  Most won't see the light of day.  But hopefully for the ones that do, I am hoping it is interesting to at least a few people, and that my quality will increase as time goes on.

Oftentimes I have several lines of thought on one subject, all of equal importance, but all seem to need to come first.  I will often spend a great amount of time attempting to put it in an order that makes sense to the reader and ensuring all the necessary points are made, while simultaneously ensuring that it isn't too drawn out and I exclude anything unnecessary.  I often fail and end up deleting the whole thing.  It happens a lot.

Another thing I often do is to pose hypotheticals, that I have thought on, but haven't fully grokked the full consequences of completing the theoretical line of action.  Seeing it on paper helps show me the weak spots in my argument, and further discussion will fill in any blind spots I may have.  There are many things in life I am quite sure of, and a few things I am still trying to work out.  I may play devil's advocate in my work and it may not be obvious unless it is in direct opposition to previously held sentiments.  In short: nothing can prevent me from contradicting myself in this blog.  I will attempt to abstain from doing so within individual posts.  Feel free to call me on it, just be polite.

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